The PGA Championship 2019 date is getting closer. If you are a real fan of golf, you surely want to follow all the things related to the event. It has never been too early to reserve the option to watch the PGA Championship 2019 live stream this year

PGA Championship Golf 2019 Overview
Venue Bethpage Black Course, Old Bethpage, NY
Date May 16-19, 2019
Purse $10,500,000
Broadcast CBS & TNT
Live Stream Watch Here
pga championship 2019 live stream

When and Where is the 2019 PGA Championship?

Speaking of which, it is essential to know when and where the 2019 PGA Championship is happening. After all, you don’t want to miss it at all.

Dates: Thu, May 16, 2019 – Sun, May 19, 2019
Location: Bethpage Black Course, Old Bethpage, New York, United States

What Channels to Watch?

One of the most surprising facts is the officials have moved the PGA Championship from its usual late-summer date to May this year. If you are living in the US, you will be lucky since you need to tune in your favorite channels to watch it. The US TV coverage in 2019 will showcase more than 20 hours duration of the event. That includes the final two rounds of the PGA Championship on CBS Sports. Then the additional coverage and highlights will be on TNT.

If you are in the US, you shouldn’t have any problem watching PGA Championship 2019 live stream.

CBS Sports

The CBS Sports Network is the option that you’d like to take. It has been evolving from year to year in terms of service. You can find it easily on the DirecTV dial.

The CBS Sports, as the name suggests, is the sports division of the US TV Network called CBS. The CBS Sports has been favored because of the high quality of coverage for the major sports games like NFL, NBA, NCAA basketball, SEC football, PGA Golf, Masters, and more importantly, the PGA Championship.


TNT is the short version of Turner Network Television. As mentioned, this will provide highlights and additional coverage. It is an American pay-TV network under a subsidiary of AT&T Warner Media. Back then, it was airing classic movies and TV series. But now, the face of the TNT has changed a lot. You’d like to see the schedule so that you’ll know when tuning in the TNT.

Eleven Sports Network

It is not surprising that the PGA Championship 2019 has gained international attention. Views from around the world want to follow the event right from their favorite screen. For this purpose, the Eleven Sports Network comes up as the broadcaster. It is a multinational group of sports TV channels. Although based on the UK, the viewers can enjoy from other countries like Belgium,mItaly, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States. The company runs both the TV cable and streaming services.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports has been providing the best services on sports coverage both regionally and nationally. It is the flagship channel under the Fox Sports Media Group division. Holding the rights of NFL games, it also showcases the original sports contents, including PGA Championship 2019.

Sky Sport

Sky Sports is a pay TV subscription based on the UK. The channel has been dominating the English market since 1991. From soccer to Golf, you can find a lot of sports contents here. Sky Sport is the channel that you want to tune in when you are in the UK.

How to watch PGA Championship 2019 Live Online

Watching PGA Championship 2019 live online is possible if none of the options above are suitable for you. We have been researching this matter and found out the best option. To watch PGA Championship 2019 live online, you’d like to use 9Now service. 9Now is a live streaming service based in Australia. If you are in Aussie, it can be the best option for you to watch PGA Championship 2019 live stream. You could use VPN service to enjoy the service from another country.

PGA Championship Live stream Official Channels

We also need to mention that PGA officials also provide live streaming services for the viewers around the world. If you have a decent internet connection, you will want to visit the official site to watch the championship live streaming.

Live Stream on is the official live streaming service of the golf event. For browser users, live streaming on can be the best option to catch up with this prestigious event.

The officials also announced that would provide some of the best actions. It will be showing a live stream of featured groups daily. This will also focus at holes 16, 17, and 18. to be able to watch these features for free, you will need to share your email address and current US Zip Code. You could use the VPN service if you experience the blackout. Connect to the US server and start watching PGA Championship 2019 live stream. That’s all.

Golf Channel

Golf Channel live streaming service is also a common and legal choice for all viewers. However, it is only available in select market. If your location is not in the market list, you might not be able to use the service. You will want to check on the participating TV providers information first before proceeding.

CBS All Access App

Are you planning to follow the event while on the go? If that’s the case, the CBS All Access App will be a prevalent option for you. You will need to be its subscriber to enjoy the service. Sign up for the CBS All Access and stream all the PGA Championship 2019 matches right through your smartphone or tablet. After registering to CBS All Access, you can also use your credentials to get the access to if you prefer to watch the event through your browser.

Where can I Watch PGA Championship 2019 live free online?

To watch PGA Championship 2019 for free, the best option is viewing it through As mentioned, you need to input your email address and US zip code to get access to watch the event.

You should be able to watch PGA Championship 2019 from anywhere with the help of the VPN service. If you are overseas, you could be having a blackout experience. When it happens, consider using your VPN service to connect to the US server so that you can use the for streaming.

How to Watch PGA Championship 2019 Without Cable?

For some folks, TV cable or satellite is not just a good option. If you have cut the cord, the only option left for you is by live streaming. Here are the top of live streaming providers you must consider to watch PGA Championship 2019 live stream free without cable.

Hulu With Live TV

Hulu with Live TV comes with single package offer that costs you forty bucks per month. But with this package, you will be able to use TNT and CBS, along with other significant channels. Though it is still relatively new, it has quickly become one of the most favorites. If you want to ditch your cable to watch PGA Championship 2019, Hulu with Live TV is definitely on your list.


fuboTV has been popular amongst the sports lovers communities. Without a doubt, it is a great option to watch PGA Championship 2019 without using the cable. TNT and CBS are available in the bundles. It only offers two packages, Fubo, and Fubo extra. You would probably want to read the details first before picking any.

Sling TV

If you prefer a more budget-friendly option, Sling TV is the answer. In only costs, $25 per month and has included the channels that broadcast PGA Championship 2019. Sling TV offers these channels for a considerable rate. If you are budget conscious, Sling TV makes an excellent option for you.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV adds significant channels including TNT and CBS. The streaming service is prevalent for the users who are fond of YouTube service. If you are used to the YouTube platform, it might be a convenient service for you. It costs $40 per month and includes 70+ channels for you. YouTube TV is available in major cities. But it is not available everywhere yet. So, you’d like to check if it is available in your area or not.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is one of the best live streaming services in the world. It comprises multiple packages with high-quality channels in each package. The cheapest package is called ‘Live a Little.’ it costs you forty bucks per month. But even with the lower tier package, it gives you the access to the channels that air the PGA Championship. The numerous pathways in the box is worth your money. You could also use its 7-day free trial if you want to use the features for free before upgrading your membership.

How to watch the US PGA golf 2019 in the US

If you are living in the US, your local HD antenna should be able to cater to the CBS coverage. The HD Antennas are so great to capture the direct signals from the nearby CBS tower. You will want to purchase the most recent models if you don’t have one at home. With the local HD antenna at home, you will be able to watch all the PGA Championship actions from your favorite screen. The key here is that you need to make sure that there is a CBS tower in your area so that your TV antenna can capture the excellent videos of it;

How to watch the PGA Championship live outside of USA

For folks outside the US, you don’t need to worry since the PGA officials are working with the international channels to let the world know about the prestigious event. Not to mention that golf sports have fans around the world. So, it is very reasonable to expect to watch PGA Championship live stream in the channel of each country below.

United Kingdom

Sky Sports has been providing golf event content for many years. You could tune in Sky Sports if you are in the UK.


TNT will be a prevalent channel to watch in Canada.


You can either use 9Now streaming service or Golf TV. For the Golf TV users, you will need to visit its official site to get the access.


You could tune in Sky Sport to watch the event from Ireland. Consider using live streaming service if you cut the cord.

South Africa

Viewers in South Africa can watch PGA Championship live stream through SuperSport. Watch it through the TV, or hover your mouse to the website to view PGA Championship 2019 through your favorite browser.

Watch the PGA Championship Live with an Antenna and DVR

The HD antennas can help you a lot in getting the perfect images of the PGA Championship 2019. If you already have HD antenna, you won’t need to worry anymore. As long as your current location is nearby the tower of CBS, you will be able to watch PGA Championship 2019 live stream free.if your streaming device connected to the DVR, you could record some moments you might be missing from the events.

How to stream the PGA Championship from everywhere

If you want to know how to watch PGA Championship from anywhere, stick to these points.

Using VPN

No matter where you are, there is no reason to be away from the PGA Championship 2019. As we mentioned before, some services providers have pretty strict geo-restriction rules. That means when you are out of the area of service, you will experience the blackout. VPN service comes as the solution for this. The VPN service allows you to connect to a specific server so that you can gain access from the live streaming providers. For instance, if you want to use website, you could connect to the US server location to get access

Teeing up the VPN today allows you to access several live streaming services although you are overseas. There are many VPN services out there. You will want to pick the best one so that you won’t have any problem watching the upcoming event. Some of the best VPN providers are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost, HotSpot Shield, PureVPN, and so on.

Using Smart DNS Proxies

The Smart DNS Proxies are the method of changing your IP with Router or Modem. Some folks said that it works better than the VPN services, but some don’t. Perhaps, as the average users, we can comprehend the simple difference. The Smart DNS Proxies grant you static IP. That means it provides a more stable connection. But it is relative, anyway. The Smart DNS proxies can be more expensive than VPN.

Final Thought

There you have them! The options to watch PGA Championship live stream. Which one would you pick?